Evidential Medium Cindy Kaza in Naples, Florida

Cindy Kaza Psychic Medium

Event Date: 23rd August  visit www.offthehookcomedy.com for tickets and info

Cindy Kaza needs no introduction, she is a popular evidential medium who has been instinctive since childhood. She is sharing her gift with the world through televisions, film and live performances. Now, she is coming back to perform and spread happiness in Naples, Florida.

An evidential medium is a form of mediumship that is practiced across the globe. The psychic medium provides you an evidence that they are in contact with spirit your loved ones. In this, a heavy weight is placed on the ability of the medium. The evidence provided by the medium can contain names, physical ailments, phrases used by them and so on. This is to eliminate any doubt among the sitters and show medium is connecting with the spirit.

When Cindy Kaza is on the stage, she is not only in touch with her audience but with their departed loved ones as well. Cindy was 10 years old when she first had an experience with a spirit. Soon after Cindy lost her friend in a car accident, she saw her friend standing near her bed. At that moment, she neglected it by convincing herself it was a dream.

She was at the age of 20 when she realized she has abilities of a psychic medium. It was after this, she started looking for answers. She started her training in the US and decided to embrace her gift and went to study in England. There she studied at the Arthur Findlay College, it is famous for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences.

For some people her talent may seem as a burden, but she doesn’t see it that way. She wants to help people by giving them the much needed closure. Most people may receive such closure in a dream.

Cindy likes comedy clubs because all kinds of people will attend it. Some people are grieving whereas some have never heard of a medium. Through these clubs she can reach plenty of people in a short time.

She wants everyone to have a positive experience as death is a complex subject. She tries to keep it positive and uplifting. Laughter is a great medicine and she tries to share her gifts with others. At the same time, she tries to open others for the gifts they have.


The venue for this show is Off the Hook Comedy Club, 2500 Vanderbilt Beach Road STE1100 Naples, Florida (FL) 34109.


How do you expect to have a positive environment without food? This is why we, at Off the Hook Comedy Club, offers an extensive range of food. From starters to the main course, all the food is prepared by ROW seafood by Capt. Brien & Crew. Some of the dishes we offer include salad, pasta, soups, and seafood. The food will be served during the amazing performance of Cindy Kaza. You can enjoy the delicious food with Cindy while seating on your table.

So, if you want to talk to your departed loved ones, just buy the ticket and be on time.